Honda PC50 Moped Model Owners Manual DOWNLOAD COPY

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A copy of the Honda PC50 Moped Model Owner's Manual

To help basic running and working of the Honda PC50 which was made around 1976.

Includes a total of 46 pages of information such as:-

  • Features
  • Layout of the Instruments and Controls
  • Operating Tips - Cycling,Engine Power Drive, Engine Starting Procedure, Riding, Night Riding, Stopping,Parking
  • Maintenance - Tool Kit, Maintenance Schedule, Maintenance Procedure, Servicing and Changing Oil, Throttle and decompression lever adjustment
  • Brake Adjustment - Front Brake, Rear Brake
  • Adjusting the handle height
  • Air Cleaner Servicing
  • Replacing Light Bulbs
  • Removing the Wheel
  • Greasing
  • Drive Chain Adjustment
  • Valve Tappet Clearance and Adjustment
  • Ignition Timing Inspection and Adjustment
  • Carburettor Adjustment
  • Spark Plug Cleaning and Adjustment
  • Wiring Diagram (UK and Export Models)
  • Technical Data