Hercules Corvette Service Manual on CD

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CD Manual of: Hercules Corvette Service Manual

The manual consists of approximately 24 pages and includes information on:

  • Engine
  • Removal of Engine from Frame
  • Removal of Exhaust System
  • Removal of Cylinder
  • Clutch
  • Removal of Clutch
  • Dismantling of Clutch
  • Magneto
  • Removal of Magneto from Engine
  • Dismantling the Magneto
  • Dismantling the Piston
  • dismantling the Crankcase
  • Dismantling the Pulley
  • Assembly of Crankcase
  • Fitting Oil Seal to Clutch side of Crankcase
  • Fitting oil Seal to Magneto side of Crankcase
  • Assembly of Piston
  • Assembly of Cylinder
  • Assembly of Cylinder Head
  • Assembly of Clutch
  • Fitting Magneto Stator Plate
  • Fitting Ignition Coil
  • Fitting Lighting Coil
  • Fitting Flywheel and Re-timing Ignition
  • Re-assembly of Pulley
  • Easy to use CD manual posted directly to you 
  • You can print the entire manual or individual pages 
  • You can take the pages you need to your vehicle whilst you work
  • If pages get grease or oil damaged you can just print another 

How to use it


  • This manual comes on a CD in the format of a PDF file
  • You will need an up to date PDF Reader to view and open the file, these are widely available to download free from the Internet. 
  • You can save the file on your PC and view it 
  • You can print the file or pages of the file 
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