BSA Ariel 3 ( Three ) Moped Workshop Manual on CD

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CD Manual of: BSA Ariel 3 Three Workshop Manual

The manual consists of approximately 75 pages and including information on:

General Data

  • Piston, Barrel, Igntion, Timing, Spark Plug, transmission (clutch, sprockets,chain size, belts),Frame Fitting, Wheels, Spindles, Bearings 


  • Engine Lubrication, Contact Breaker, Chains, Steering Head, wheel Bearings, Axle Beam, Control Cables


  • Decarbonising, Exhaust System, Removal of Cylinder, Piston, Cylinder Head, Big-End Bearing, Removal of Engine, Engine Dismantling, Clutch, Reassembly, Main Bearings Inspection and Rebuilding 


  • Dismantling and Rebuilding, Hints and Tips, Carburetter Adjustments

Frame and Fitting

  • Axle Beam, Torsion Bar, Wheel Spindles, Saddle Adjustment, Handlebar Adjustment, Cables, 

Front Fork

  • Adjusting Steering Head Races, Renewing Steering Head Bearings, Inspection, Front Fork Assembly and Alignment

Wheels, Brakes and Tyres

  • Front Wheel Removal, Front Hub Dismantling and Reassembly, Fitting New Bearings, Brake Shoes, Rear Wheel Removal, Rear Wheel Hub Dismantling (left hand and right hand), Brake Adjustments, Wheel Alignment 

Electrical Equipment

  • Flywheel, Stator Plate, Ignition Coil, Lighting coil, Condenser, No Spark, Weak spark, Lighting Coil and circuit Check, Wiring Diagram

Service Tools

  • Flywheel extractor, Ballrace Extractor, Ignition Timing Tool, Oil Seal fitting Tool, Spindle Bearing Extractor

Conversion Tables

  • Drill Sizes and Wire Gauges, B.S.F. and B.S.W. Screw Threads, Unified Screw Threads, B.A.Srew Threads, Inches/Decimals to Millimeters, Miles per Gallon to Litres per 100 Kilometers, Pounds per Square Inch to Kilograms per Square Centimeter, Foot Pounds to Kilogrameters 
The front cover image of the manual is shown above.  
The manual will have a faint watermark across each page. 
  • Easy to use CD manual posted directly to you 
  • You can print the entire manual or individual pages 
  • You can take the pages you need to your vehicle whilst you work
  • If pages get grease or oil damaged you can just print another 

How to use it


  • This manual comes on a CD in the format of a PDF file
  • You will need an up to date PDF Reader to view and open the file, these are widely available to download free from the Internet. 
  • You can save the file on your PC and view it 
  • You can print the file or pages of the file 

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